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Data Cabling & Communication

Minimal Disruption Data and Communication Cabling

Big Hill Electrical Services installs wiring for commercial and residential customers. We specialize in fishing wires into existing structures and we have extensive experience in low-impact construction, resulting in minimal damage to existing finishes.
Our Electricians are highly qualified and fully experienced with the installation of data, communication, cable TV and satellite cables. When installing data and communication cabling, we will terminate, test and label cables for commercial installations. For residential installations, we terminate, test and label as required. We use products from Leviton, Belden (IBDN) and Hubbell when completing installations.

Big Hill Electrical provides troubleshooting and repair services for a wide range of products and we are committed to finding the right solution for you.

We offer 24-hour emergency service, seven days a week to all our customers.

Fibre cable has the fastest data transmission speeds available. Many large commercial companies run on fibre cable as it guarantees speed, efficiency, and accuracy. With fibre optic, your data literally travels at the speed of light!

Our Service Guarantee

We guarantee very little disruption to normal operations
Our work meets or exceeds Canadian Electrical Code requirements.
We stand behind our work and are accountable to our community
We will procure permits as requested and guarantee our execution to code

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Our Commitment to Safety

We are proud to be fully licensed, registered and insured, and always adherent to the Canadian Electrical Code, Building Code, Fire Code and Energy Code. We commit to maintaining compliance with all governing authorities and standards.

Big Hill Electrical is accredited and has achieved the Certificate of Recognition (COR) and Contractor Check requirements. We are committed to maintaining an accredited health and safety program within our organization.